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The Aftercare Lounge, the exclusive online destination for the BDSM community!

If you’ve journeyed into this kinky corner of the internet…You’ll of likely stumbled upon us because you're exploring the BDSM lifestyle and you identify as a Dominant, Submissive, or Switch. 


Great! Now we’ve established you are on the right place, and not seeking aftercare for a medical reasons, let’s crack on!


BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) has captivated the curiosity of countless individuals, just like you and me. 


But finding a community which, not only welcomes curiosity, but also supports you on your journey…isn’t always easy to find. 


In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover how The Aftercare Lounge can be your ultimate resource. Even if you are brand spanking new to the lifestyle (yes, pun intended), or a time served veteran.


The Aftercare Lounge has something to for you!


Let’s start with a few words from The Aftercare Lounge creators…


Nicholas 46 Dom & Kaylie 34 sub


Neither of us are new to the lifestyle. We’ve both been round the block.


As a couple exploring the online communities, we struggled to find a community we fitted into. 


We felt we either came up against imposed opinions of what the lifestyle should be and ridges beliefs or feeling that we had to fit into the stereotypical sub and Dom boxes to qualify. 


(We’d describe ourselves as, very fluid as a couple) 


One day we might be Primal/prey, the next Daddy Dom/princess! Our dynamic and roles evolve to what suits us.


 After struggling with a few different communities, We realised… 


“You can’t find what doesn’t exist, but you can create it “ - Ron Kaufman


So, That’s EXACTLY what we did, We created The Aftercare Lounge! 

  • Aftercare Lounge Gold

    Every month
  • Gold Annual plan

    Every year

Our vision has always been to create an inclusive and accepting online community


A place where members feel respected, supported and safe irrespective of beliefs and roles. 


And, we’ve delivered on what we set out too and achieved so much more. 


Don’t just take our word for it! 


Join up today with a free membership and test drive us for yourself.


Our Beginnings…


The Aftercare Lounge originally started as a Facebook group. 


Understanding very quickly due to the nature of the group, the topic’s and content, we’d be bound and gagged! By Facebook. 


This is when The Aftercare Lounge Online BDSM Community was created. 


After building the social and online community, we began to notice, there was and is a real need and desire for educational resources for newcomers to help better understand the lifestyle. 


So it has become our mission to create a judgement free, educational and accepting community where all lifestyler’s are welcome. 

You’ll find The Aftercare Lounge is diverse, unlike your typical BDSM online community. We respect each others privacy, safety and individuality.

Community Support: Join The Aftercare Lounge online community for guidance and a supportive environment. Connect with like-minded individuals without judgment.


Networking and Social Connections: Engage and socialise through our forums, group chats, and private member chats. Attend online events to connect face-to-face in a virtual environment.


Education and Learning: Explore workshops, guides, and discussion forums to deepen your understanding and learn from fellow community members.


Safe Space for Expression: Express yourself securely using your profile wall. Enjoy the flexibility of a private account for greater control over your interactions and sharing preferences.


Diverse Perspectives: Access diverse insights by participating in the community, exposing you to various perspectives and experiences within the BDSM lifestyle, enriching your understanding.

The Aftercare Lounge Membership


Let's dive straight in and take a look.


First step, is to choose your membership tier! 


You have the choice of two membership options: 


Join the free membership today ! You’ll get access to many of our great resources & features such as: 


  • The Aftercare Lounge Forums

  • Fun and Educational weekly Articles 

  • Exclusive Special Offers and Early Access to New Releases in our online store Pandoras Box.


Want more? If you desire even more premium features…lets take a look what you’ll get as part of the gold membership: 


For the beta price of just $5.99 a month you gain access to the gold members area, let’s look at what’s waiting there?


  • The V.I.P treatment…Admission to all online virtual events held by The Aftercare Lounge totally free of charge (event cost is typically $7 per event we 2 a month 1 virtual munch and theme night). If you’re a social butterfly the gold membership is definitely the membership for you. 


  • Members Chat…you’ll be able to join in on topical group chats that take your fancy and continue your conversation further or talk more with members you vibe with! By utilising the private chats feature.


  • Educational Articles, guides, workshops more in-depth than ever before, including advice & activities to help you on your journey


  • Exclusive offers at our online store Pandora box


  • Access to all achieved articles and recorded live events - missed out on an article or live event? You can catch up at a time convent to you. So you never have to miss out.  


And YOU CAN HAVE ALL OF THIS..For the beta price of just $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year ! 


That’s CRAZY VALUE!!! 

Let’s recap what you’ll get With an Aftercare Lounge membership, you're in for a treat! Here's a quick rundown of what's in store:


  1. A Thriving Community that Cares : Dive into our warm and accepting community where support and understanding flow like fine wine at a dinner party. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the BDSM waters, we're here for you.


   2. Education Galore : Forget boring textbooks! We're your daily dose of BDSM knowledge. From our engaging daily topics to juicy weekly articles, we've got something            for everyone. And if you're craving a deep dive, check out our specialised courses to become a true connoisseur.


   3. Mix, Mingle, and More : Social butterflies, listen up! We offer a smorgasbord of ways to connect. Join lively discussions in our forums, jump into group chats for a              virtual party, or slip into private member chats for intimate conversations. Our online events let you get up close and personal while staying comfy in your PJs.


   4. Pandora's Box : If shopping's your jam, visit Pandora's Box, our online store. You'll find alluring apparel and delightful aftercare goodies, not to mention exclusive                  Aftercare Lounge merchandise to flaunt your style.


   5. Forum Fun : Got burning questions or want to share your experiences? Our forums are your go-to hub. Share photos, swap stories, and gain priceless insights by                  mingling with other members.


   6. Chatty Features ! : Whether you're a dominant seeking advice from a fellow dominants or a submissive wanting to chat with kindred spirits, we've got group chats to           match your mood. Plus, cozy up in private chats when you've found your chat buddy.


   7. Classified Capers : Looking to meet new people, offer your unique services, or find that special something? Check out our classified ads section—it's like a                             marketplace of exciting possibilities.


   8. Party Time ! : Who said learning can't be a blast? Join our live events and virtual munches for a good time with fellow members from around the world. It's a party                you won't want to miss!


Put on your leather or lace, grab your curiosity, and let's explore the world of BDSM together in the most fun and fabulous way possible! 

I invite you To join in on the community action by hitting the join now button

Still on the fence about the membership? 


Don’t forget you can sign up completely free ! 


Whilst incognito if you wish with a private account whilst you’re dipping your toe in. 


Its a no brainier really!!!


To see what’s waiting on the other side waiting for you…


Join in now button


P.S Subscribing to our email list at bottom of page this will keep up with all our latest news and articles. 


P.P.S Also check out our Blog and Glossary area on site as there is lots of unrestricted info in there too!


P.P.P.S check out Pandoras Box for all your aftercare needs, crazy appeal and TACL merchandise 

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