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Dominant Archetypes.

The BDSM lifestyle is a diverse and multifaceted world, filled with various roles and dynamics.


In the realm of dominance, there are numerous types of dominants. Each with their own unique characteristics and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, exploring the different types of doms can be both informative and entertaining.


So, without further ado, let's jump into the fascinating world of dominant archetypes!

Daddy/Mommy Dominants.

What is a Daddy/Mommy Dominants.?


A Daddy / mommy Doms take on the role of a nurturing figure within a relationship, often displaying traits of protectiveness and firmness, while also exhibiting affection and understanding.

Character Traits.


Nurturing and Protective - Firm but Gentle - Patience and Understanding.

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What is a master or mistresses?


In the BDSM community, a Master typically holds a male dominant role, while a Mistress assumes a female dominant role. Masters often exercise complete control over their submissive partners, who are referred to as submissives or slaves within the community.

Character Traits.

Confidence and Authority - Communication and Empathy - Respect and Responsibility.

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Brat Tamer.

What is a brat tamer?


A brat tamer is a dominant within the BDSM culture who disciplines a naughty or disobedient submissive partner ,also known as a brat.

Character Traits.

Patience and Playfulness - Quick Wit and Creativity - Firmness and Consistency

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Rope Top / Rigger.

What is a Rope Top / Rigger ?


In BDSM, a "rigger" is someone skilled in creating safe and artistic rope restraints for bondage. They focus on aesthetics and safety, using various knots and ropes to bind a submissive partner, evoking vulnerability and trust.

Character Traits.


Technical Skill - Safety Consciousness - Communication and Consent

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What is Findom?


"Findom" in BDSM refers to financial domination, where one person (the "findom") controls another's finances. The submissive partner gives money or gifts as an act of submission and devotion.

Character Traits.

Financial Control - Humiliation and Degradation - Power Exchange

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Service Top.

What is a service top?


A "service top" in BDSM is someone who takes on a dominant role focused on caring for and satisfying the submissive partner's needs and desires.

Character Traits.

Focus on the Submissive's Pleasure - Customization and Adaptability - Empathy and Sensitivity

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What is an Owner in BDSM?


In BDSM, an "owner" is someone who assumes a dominant role in a consensual power exchange dynamic, often involving control and authority over a submissive or slave partner.

Character Traits.


Total Power Exchange (TPE) - Responsible - Mutual Trust and Connection

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What is a Domme ?


BDSM,In a "domme" is a dominant woman who takes control in a power exchange dynamic, guiding and leading the submissive partner's actions.

Character Traits.

Dominance and Authority - Diverse Styles - Sensation Play

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Primal Doms.

What is a primal Dom ?


A sexual preference involving animalistic behaviour during intimacy, including scratching, biting, and animal-like sounds. Dominants are called primal hunters, while subs are primal prey.

Character Traits.

Instinctual Behaviour - Power Dynamics - Physicality

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Sadistic Doms.

What is a sadistic Dom ?


In BDSM, a sadistic dom is someone who finds pleasure in inflicting pain or discomfort on others, while respecting boundaries and consent.

Character Traits.

Communication and Safewords - Control and Power Dynamics - Empathy and Responsibile .

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Pleasure Doms.

What is a pleasure Dom?


A "pleasure Dom" in BDSM is a Dominant partner who focuses on giving their submissive partner pleasurable and sensual experiences.

Character Traits.

Sensuality and Intimacy - Customization and Variety - Skill in Erotic Techniques

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What is a mentor in BDSM?


In BDSM, mentors are experienced individuals who guide newcomers by educating them about practices, safety, and etiquette.

Character Traits.

Expertise and Knowledge - Effective Communication - Patience and Compassion

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Gentle / Soft Dom.

What is a Gentle / Soft Dom ?


A Gentle/Soft Dom is a caring and respectful dominant in BDSM, focusing on communication, emotional connection, and a safe space for their submissive partner.

Character Traits.

Nurturing and Caring - Trust and Emotional Connection - Empathy

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Fake Doms.

What is a fake dom?


A "fake Dom" in BDSM refers to someone who pretends to be a dominant but lacks genuine understanding and commitment to the principles of dominance and submission.

Character Traits.

Lack of Knowledge and Experience - Self-Centeredness - Abusive Behavior

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