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A Guide to BDSM Impact play

Updated: Apr 3

What is impact play?

Impact play refers to the act of striking or applying force to the body for sexual gratification.

It can involve various implements such as hands, paddles, floggers, whips, and canes.

Impact play
BDSM Impact Play

Exploring BDSM Impact Play with Safety and Confidence

Impact play is a thrilling and stimulating aspect of BDSM play that involves striking or applying force to the body for sexual pleasure.

However, engaging and participating in this activity safely is of utmost importance.

This guide will provide you with essential steps to participate in impact play responsibly, ensuring the well-being and enjoyment of all involved parties.

Communication and Consent

Establish open and honest communication with your partner(s) to establish clear boundaries, desires, and limits. Discuss expectations, preferences, and use safe words or signals to communicate during a scene. Consent must be enthusiastic, ongoing, and freely given by all participants.

Educate Yourself

Before engaging in impact play, educate yourself about the techniques, implements, and human anatomy involved. Attend workshops, read books, or seek guidance from experienced individuals within the BDSM community. Understanding the principles, safety precautions, and proper technique is essential for a safe and pleasurable experience.

Warm-up and Preparation

Prior to impact play, warm up the body gradually to prepare it for more intense sensations. Start with light strokes, gentle massages, or sensory play to increase blood flow and sensitivity. This reduces the risk of injury and helps participants ease into the scene.

Choosing Suitable Implements

Select impact implements designed specifically for BDSM play. Ensure they are made from safe materials, free from defects or sharp edges. Leather, silicone, and soft suede are commonly used materials for paddles and floggers. Regularly inspect your implements, discarding any that show signs of wear and tear.

Start Slowly and Progress Gradually

Begin with light strikes and gradually increase intensity as everyone involved becomes more comfortable and experienced. Pay attention to your partner's reactions and use continuous communication to gauge their comfort level. Avoid striking sensitive areas such as joints, organs, the spine, and the face to minimise the risk of injury.

Safety Precautions

Prioritise safety during impact play by considering the following precautions

A. Avoid striking directly over vital organs, bones, or joints.

B. Be cautious of the neck and head area. Do not strike the face unless both parties have explicitly discussed and consented to it.

C. Continue to maintain control over your strikes and be mindful of your partner's position and posture to prevent accidental injuries.

D. Dodge and Avoid alcohol or substance use that may impair judgement or coordination during impact play.

E. Engage and regularly check in with your partner(s) during the scene to ensure their well-being and adjust the intensity if needed.


Aftercare is an essential part of impact play. After the scene, provide emotional support and care to all participants. Reassure and comfort each other, and attend to any physical needs such as applying soothing lotions or ice packs to impacted areas. Allow time for relaxation and reconnection, ensuring everyone feels safe and supported.

Taking part in impact play within BDSM can be an exhilarating and satisfying experience when conducted with a strong emphasis on safety and consent.

By prioritising communication, education, and precautionary measures, you can engage in impact play responsibly, creating a space for intense sensations, trust, and pleasure for all involved.

As always, Remember, safety should always be the top priority in any BDSM activity.

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